Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Scottie, We Hardly Knew Ye

The White Sox paved the way to severing ties with Scott Podsednik yesterday, designating him for assignment. One of the stars of the 2005 season, Pods was a good-hitting, high on-base percentage, 59 stolen base, leadoff man and left fielder during the World Series run and the hero of Game 2 with his game-winning home run. The problem was he couldn't stay healthy enough to duplicate those results in 2006 or 2007. A string of groin and abdominal pulls kept him out of the lineup or at less than full effectiveness when he was on the field. The handwriting was on the wall for the only Sox player that the Update remembers seeing on Saturday Night Live. We'll miss Pods, but it was time for him to go.
Speaking of time to go, the Tribune suggested today that Juan Uribe was probably on the way out, which is no surprise after the acquisition of Orlando Cabrera. What was a surprise was one of the reasons the article gave for his imminent departure: "fan discontent over his performance." Does Kenny Williams really care what the fans think when he's figuring out the roster? The Update doesn't think so, but is impressed if the fans truly have that power. We can only hope that Sox fans use their powers for good, not evil.
And speaking of Orlando Cabrera, he said he's really looking forward to working with Danny Richar at second base. Good. Danny can use the help. He looked overmatched to the Update last season and his off-season performance -- batting .220 for La Ramona in the DWL, according to the Trib -- is pathetic as well. Maybe the Sox should keep Uribe and have Cabrera work with him. Juan did play 77 games at second base for the Sox his first year with the team. Probably not going to happen and it's unlikely that Cabrera will be any more successful in getting him to be more selective at the plate -- both as a hitter and an eater. We hate to just give the guy away, which may be the only way to get him off the roster.
Anyway, the off-season is a time of hope, and tomorrow is a time to give thanks. So in addition to our family and friends, the Update is thankful for this: At least, we're not Cub fans.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Deal or No Deal

So, Howie Mandel asks Kenny Williams, "Deal or No Deal?" and Kenny says "Deal!" And that's how the White Sox wound up with Orlando Cabrera, the Angels' Gold Glove shortstop. Oh, yeah, they had to throw in a little consideration to pry Cabrera away from the Halos, in the form of former All-Star pitcher Jon Garland. The Update isn't sure how it feels about this trade until the rest of the story plays out. Juan Uribe, whose option the Sox just exercised, happens to play the same position as Cabrera, but not as well, and he doesn't get on base as much (.345 OBP for Cabrera in 2007 vs. Uribe's .284), so his future has to be considered in doubt. Tell us what we get for Uribe before we tell you how we like the deal. We admit to being pro-Garland despite his losing record in 2007. Who wouldn't have had a losing record on that team? We think Garland's got a lot left in the tank and it's going to be hard to replace his innings, let alone his 46 wins over the last three years. But there's no such thing as a free lunch -- although there is such thing as a free agent -- so you've got to give something to get something. Let's hope we didn't give too much or get too little.