Wednesday, December 5, 2007

They're Grrrreat!

No, not Tony the Tiger -- the Detroit (say it with the accent on the first syllable; it sounds better that way) Tigers. After going to the Series in 2006 and winning 88 games last year, the Bengals just added the player the White Sox were rumored to be after, Miguel Cabrera. And in the same deal, they added Dontrelle Willis, who hasn't been as good as he once was now that his body has matured and he's less flexible, but should benefit from the spacious dimensions of Comerica Park. And don't forget Edgar Renteria and Jacque Jones, the other new pieces to the puzzle in the Motor City. Put them all together with Rodriguez, Guillen, Polanco, Granderson, and Ordonez, and you get a lineup to be feared. The pitching's not too shabby either. So the Sox not only weren't able to corner the market on Cabreras this offseason (besides Orlando and Miguel, there are four others who played in the Majors last season: Asdrubal, Daniel, Fernando, and Melky), they fell farther behind one of their division rivals. Kenny Williams needs to pull a rabbit out the hat (to quote Rocket J. Squirrel, "That trick never works") in the form of Aaron Rowand and a second basemen -- preferably one who can bat leadoff -- without giving up a lot. Not too much to ask, is it? Continuing with the cereal theme that started this off, Kenny's going to need some Lucky Charms.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kenny "The Trader" Williams

Sometimes, I think Kenny Williams believes he's in a Rotisserie League. It's not about making the team better, it's about the action. How else do you explain trading away the franchise's highest-rated minor league postition-player, first basemen Chris Carter, for Carlos Quentin, an older, injured, low-average outfielder? Have the Diamondbacks stolen another Chris Young? We'll have to wait and see, but it sure feels like it to the Update. And what does this mean for Jerry Owens, and particularly Ryan Sweeney, and Brian Anderson? We're not saying the latter two are the answer to our outfield problems, but the Sox seem to be stockpiling outfielders they can't possibly use. And we haven't nailed down the big prize yet -- a center-fielder. Torii Hunter's gone, and half the teams in baseball are after Aaron Rowand. If Kenny lands him, then much is forgiven.
But what about third base? Latest rumors are that the Sox are hot to trade for Miguel Cabrera of the Marlins. That would be a great get, but either Joe Crede or Josh Fields is going to have to go in exchange. And if you keep one of those two, what do you do with him. The only thing the Update knows for sure about Crede is that he'll be a bust if we keep him and a star if we let him go. It's just Sox karma of old resurfacing.
And don't forget, we've still got two shortstops and no proven second basemen -- if Danny Richar proved anything last year, it's that he's not even Tadahito Iguchi-good. Oy, vey! The Update is confused and doesn't mind saying so. Maybe we should start our own Rotisserie League and invite Kenny Williams to join.